Strategies to Attract more Customers to your Physical Store

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Opening a shop and running a business, whether alone or with a team of passionate entrepreneurs and staff, may be more difficult than establishing virtual, or better known as online shops. As if running a business is difficult enough, there are numerous aspects that require your energy, time, and attention. Without listing the challenges and tasks that must be completed efficiently and effectively, your mind as an entrepreneur or businessman may already have long answers. If you want to open your first physical store for your business or establish another branch, we recommend you to be more strategic. Allow us to share several strategies to attract more customers to your physical store. One of the highlighted strategies is by installing self-service kiosk for restaurant Malaysia.

1)  Don’t think shop design is not important

People are drawn to well-designed spaces, so physical store owners should invest in thoughtful, memorable designs for their establishments. Hiring interior designers to introduce engaging visual designs is just among the ways to improve the customer’s in-store experience. This includes store lighting, which has an impact on more than just the store’s ambiance.

Aside from that, lighting affects how customers feel, both consciously and subconsciously, and thus the overall customer experience. According to one study, a fashion retailer in Germany increased sales by 12% after installing a new lighting scheme in comparison to another nearby store. In-store lighting can help to create an atmosphere and guide customers through your store.

2)  Install self-service kiosk for restaurant Malaysia

The majority of people believe that self-service kiosk for restaurant speeds up the process of ordering the food and drinks that we want. Customers who prefer to use artificial intelligence (AI)-powered self-service kiosk for restaurant in Malaysia can avoid long lines to pay their food and drinks. Studies show that during peak hours, especially during lunch hours, customers can skip the and settle their business in much less time. Customers and restaurant owners both benefit from this. Self-service kiosks will benefit your restaurant and brands if you introduce and install them.

Besides that, self-service kiosks have the potential to collect massive amounts of data about customer purchasing habits. AI models generate detailed reports and recommendations for retail managers based on data collected by computer vision systems. Understanding and collecting data on customer behaviour, such as purchasing habits, helps businesses understand what their customers want and need, allowing them to offer products and services that appeal to their target audience. This is advantageous for companies looking to expand into new markets or demographics.

3)  Improve Your Marketing and Branding Knowledge

To attract customers, you must promote your shop and products. Start by considering your brand, which includes the name of your store, fonts, and colour schemes. Think about what marketing strategies you will use next. Having an eye-catching shop front is the most basic method of attracting customers. Furthermore, you should devote time to developing your online presence by creating a website, social media pages, and investing in SEO. You might be able to get people excited about the opening of your store by contacting your local newspaper and advertising a launch event. You may also be able to collaborate with other local business owners to develop cross-promotional strategies.

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