How To Secure Your POS System

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To buy retail POS system Malaysia is easy. Managing it may be hard, but once you are getting round to it, it can be second nature to you and your employees too when they become well trained to the system. Now is the time to focus on your POS’s security, which is just as important as your business’s own lifeline.

Like any other software, your POS system can be vulnerable to digital threats if its security isn’t strong enough to detect and eliminate them. There are several methods that you can employ to secure your POS system and keep your business data safe.


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This is the most common method to employ. Install an antivirus in your POS system and regularly scan for any threats including viruses, malware or others that are present. When your budget allows it, invest in premium versions of the software you installed since they provide additional features that guarantee further digital protection.

An antivirus software will alert you if they detect threats during scanning, and from there, you can begin the process of cleansing them off your POS system. Just in case, check that the so-called “detected malware” didn’t turn out to be an important app of your POS, because some antivirus programs tend to make this mistake.

Don’t use external networks

When using your POS, the network must always be your own business’s and nowhere else. Using external networks for your system is akin to boarding a billboard that points exactly to where your system is and advertises attackers to go ham.

Hackers do not really need retail locations to steal your business’s vital information. Some of them do not need to do anything but wait until the external systems are connected to a POS. Keep your confidential data internal and secure. This is also when you realize that investing in your own WiFi is not only done so you, your employees and customers have an Internet connection.

iPads for POS

Using a POS system in an iPad might sound redundant for you the first time. What difference would it make compared to using it on a Windows platform? Well, it actually does when you learn that many of the attacks against your POS were done by secretly planting malware apps into the systems without you realizing.

The catch of executing such attacks is that you need a second app to do it if you want the attack to be successful. Windows have the ability to run multiple apps at once, which although convenient, makes the systems vulnerable to digital frisbees tossed straight at them.

Meanwhile, the iOS platform can only fully run one app at a time, so though it takes away the convenience of running multiple apps at the same time, it makes the attack impossible to be executed in Apple systems.

So when you are able, evacuate your POS system to an iPad or any other iOS platforms. You won’t have to be ambushed by unsuspecting malware again.

Lock your systems

Finally, always lock down your devices and systems whenever it is time to close for the day. Take account of all devices in your workplace and secure them in places that no one but a few select employees can access. 

You never know if your employees might make enough mistakes to leave your POS information vulnerable to infiltrators, such as leaving the device by accident in the office, store, or worse, lose it entirely.

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