All you need to know about concrete

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The production of concrete 

Either a facility or a construction site produces concrete for the uses in industry. Hand tools and huge industrial machines are both examples of equipment used in this process of production. The component of concrete will be thoroughly mixed, molded and then later shaped within the needed time frame. This step is applied regardless of the scale of production, be it small or big. If people choose to do it a different way which does not follow the guideline that it already has, it would definitely disrupt the appearance and the quality of the final product. 

Maintenance of concrete 

Concrete still needs to be properly maintained to increase its lifespan despite its durability and tough qualities. To get rid of filth, dirt, rust, and other stains, concrete should be cleaned at least once a year. For a surface to be structurally sound, the cracks must also be routinely fixed. If cracks are not fixed, water infiltration may occur which would affect the grade. Re-sealing the surface on a regular basis prevents stains and moisture ingress and keep it clean. It will stop cannabis and dirt from growing through those joints.

autoclaved aerated concrete malaysia

One of the biggest problems with concrete is cracking. Once concrete begins to crack, the steel reinforcing utilised in the building may begin to corrode. In addition to immediate risks, cracking can have severe effects on concrete containers holding toxic waste and even put maintenance employees at risk. Hence the proper care of concrete is needed. There are various types of concreate and there are even unique ones like the autoclaved aerated concrete malaysia

Types of concrete 

High performance concrete 

Compared to regular concrete, the high-performance concrete certainly gives you more durability for the work that you are going to do. The strongness is definitely assured with the high performance concrete. It has a long-lasting mechanical characteristics that is able to produce a project that is able to last for years. There are also very less chances for your projects to cripple and crack as it can withstand even hostile environments. Its strength varies between 10,000 and 15,000 psi.

Lightweight concrete 

Any concrete with a density of less than 240 kg/m3 is considered lightweight concrete. It consists of foamed concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete, and lightweight aggregate concrete. Thermal properties and fire resistance are often improved by lightweight concrete. It is more prone to shrinkage.

Reinforced concrete 

Different types of steel are used as reinforcement in reinforced concrete. Reinforced concrete has special strength properties due to the combination of concrete, which has a high compressive strength, and steel, which has a high tensile strength. In every sort of building, reinforced concrete has the endurance to withstand a variety of stresses.

autoclaved aerated concrete malaysia

Precast concrete 

In a regulated setting, precast concrete pours concrete into moulds. They are delivered to the construction site once they have fully hardened and set. Temperature and humidity are monitored during the curing stage, which takes place under regulated circumstances. In order to make precast materials that come with great strength in a short amount of time, steam curing is occasionally used.

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