Let’s Take a Diploma in Nursing For The Best Future!

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Are you aware that the world is currently experiencing an increase in population? Of course this makes all aspects begin to change. One of them is the health sector which of course needs to be improved. That way, the Diploma in Nursing has a big role in the future. Are you sure? Let’s read the following explanation!

Diploma in Nursing

What Exactly is a Diploma in Nursing?

Nursing is a field of study that prepares you to become a nurse. In this department, you will learn new theories and technologies to restore and care for the mental and physical health of a person who suffers from an illness and a person with a disability. Areas of specialization for each nursing class include adult nurses, pediatric nurses, seniors nurses, mental nurses, and outpatients. This major is a major that will educate you to become a professional health worker. You will study the fulfillment of basic human needs, including bio-psycho-socio-spiritual and cultural. Not only science, but also the study of social relations. How to communicate well and effectively, also provide health services that support healing. You will focus entirely on individual care so that he or she achieves, maintains or restores optimal health and improves the patient’s quality of life. There will be an emphasis on nursing practice, while at the undergraduate level a balance between deepening theory and practice.

Prospect of Diploma in Nursing in the Future

After graduation, of course you will become a nurse who is in charge of accompanying doctors and is responsible for the patient’s recovery process. The majority of nurses work in hospitals, but there are many other places that also need it. You also can work as a nurse in a health center, private clinic, nursing facility, school, prison, military base, nursing home or become a personal nurse in a family. In fact, experienced nurses can often be called upon to supervise other nurses, teach nursing skills to students, handle administrative tasks and even conduct research. In the health industry, nurses are needed. Moreover, now nurses are also specialized. Some of them are medical-surgical nursing, pediatric nursing, maternity nursing, gerontic nursing, psychiatric nursing, emergency nursing, nursing management, and family and community nursing.

Diploma in Nursing

Job Description for Diploma in Nursing

Nursing Experts

Being a nurse not only helps doctors but also deals with patients with various characteristics. The general work of a nurse starts from injecting, changing infusions, giving drugs, recording patient history and patient health developments to assisting in the cleanliness of patients.

Homecare Nurse

Bachelor of Nursing Sciences, especially those who have taken professional studies, can work as homecare nurses. This profession will be very helpful for outpatients who need the help of nurses from wound management to therapy. Currently, there are many homecare companies in Indonesia that you can use as a stepping stone to gain hands-on experience and knowledge in the field. For graduates of D3 or S1 Nursing, whether they do not have STR or already have STR, they can register at homecare quite easily, unlike registering at a hospital.

Doctor’s Assistant

Becoming a doctor’s assistant in a private practice or clinic, can also be a prospect for Nursing graduates, you know. The scope of work is smaller than a hospital, but the role is the same as a nurse in general.


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