Bathing Your Baby Properly

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With a baby shampoo Malaysia as part of your baby’s essentials, it is no news that bathing them is part of your new routine. It might sound easy on paper, just rinse your baby, lather them with shampoo, rinse again and then dry them with a towel. Your baby is now clean as a whistle.

Though it can be in practice, there are steps that you must take to ensure that your baby’s first baths are comfortable and not harmful in any way, especially when it comes to water. The very same element that cleans them can be a threat if you are careless or worse, you don’t know what you are doing.

For that reason, you better learn about these measures even while you are pregnant, so you have a heads up on what to do. Read on.

Water temperature

The water temperature should always be just right. At best, it should be warm and not hot. Dip your wrist or elbow and check to see if there are hot patches on your skin. If so, lower the temperature.

Your baby’s skin can easily be scalded by a hot bath that you would normally enjoy on a rainy day, worse if it is at high temperatures. You must regulate the temperature while bathing your baby too, and ensure that the water stays warm.


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Next, the water must be shallow enough to perhaps dip the knees of your baby while they are sitting, and no more. When you are going to bathe your baby, you must either do this in a baby basin or your bathroom sink, never in your own bathtub.

Your baby can drown in shallow water if they fall into a lying position, so aside from being wary of the water level, your supervision must also ensure that they sit up throughout the bath by supporting them with your hands.

Watch for sounds

Running water, flushing toilets and even your voice that resonates in the bathroom are unusual to your baby’s ears, and as a result, they may feel anxious about them. Always speak in a calm and gentle voice, and minimize any noises in the bathroom. The surroundings must be calm so they can enjoy the bath, so if you have to flush, do so with the toilet closed and after you have bathed your baby.

No slips

For additional security in your bathroom, cover the areas around your baby’s bathing zone with non-skid mats to reduce the risk of your baby slipping, and yourself too, because it is just as dangerous as a potential shower accident. Thoroughly wash all soap and shampoos off your baby.

To cover the water spout, you can use a soft-spout cover or pool noodle in case your baby bumps their small head against it.

Use little soap

Speaking of soap, use only small amounts for your baby. Sure, it helps you stay squeaky clean, but for your baby, it can make things around them extra slippery and dry out their skin quickly. The only element that you can use large amounts of is water, and that is just enough.

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