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Time 100mbps

About TIME

TIME is Malaysia’s one of many internet providers with one of the fastest internet speeds. One of their shortcomings is that their coverage is limited compared to other internet provider companies. This is because TIME focuses only on populated areas which is good for the company but restrictive for their customers. Presently, TIME is available only in highly populated areas and high density buildings. Such as, apartments and condominiums.

TIME 100mbps deal

One of the many deals right now is Time 100mbps business deal. This deal could be the one because it can connect multiple devices in the same household or in the same premise without lagging. The basic internet deal is RM89 per month with a 100GB BizCloud storage.

A BizCloud storage is a platform where customers are able to store, share and access their files anytime and anywhere. It is easy to access with good security. The storage is hosted locally in Malaysia and it also increases customers productivity because they provide better efficiency in their streamline. Moreover, it is cost efficient by reducing operating cost. This process goes virtual without sabotaging data security.

Also, customers will get 2 voice call plans along with two free DECT phones, one optical network unit (ONU), a wireless AC dual band router, and a dynamic IP. 

An optical network unit is needed for a fibre network. So, TIME gives them for free. The purpose of an ONU is to use optical fibre to connect to the passive optical network (PON) and link with the customer’s internet service provider to get an internet connection.

An optical network unit works by converting optical signals to electrical signals by using the fibre cable. The ONU organises as well as optimises different types of data that is coming from customers then sends it to the OLT (ISP’s central hub).

Benefits in the deal

One of the benefits of TIME is the speed. Even though there are multiple devices connected, customers would not experience any lag in their usage. But, the speed on the internet can depend on so many aspects because of how different LAN is compared to WiFi. 

Today, wireless broadband routers come with Gigabit LAN ports equipped. The ports can handle an average of Gigabit speeds (1000Mbps). In comparison, WiFi speed capability depends on two aspects which are – strength of your transmission point and receive point. Do remember to have your technician check your internet speed after they have finished setting up.

TIME also uses an advanced technology for their broadband which is fibre-optic which. Hence, it differs from copper wire. Utilising fibre-optic transmits data more rapidly compared to the normal DSL or cable modems.

TIME advantages

According to multiple reviews, one of the advantages is that TIME gives their customers free equipment. All broadband plans are provided with two free equipment which are the converter unit (so that it can translate fibre signals) and a wireless modem. This is good if you are a first-time buyer with no experience and no equipment at home. Their contractors will set everything up for you too.

As mentioned above, if you take up their 100mbps deal, you will get a lot of free items – one optical network unit, a wireless AC dual band router, 2 DECT phones and a dynamic IP.

The packages come with voice capabilities as well as a free number. The rates vary from pay-as-you-use to monthly payments. There are a few voice call plans such as 300 call minutes for only RM10 per month. 

Additionally, a lot of reviews state that TIME has an easy to use self-help portal which is customer friendly. In the self-help portal, customers can get a summary of their service, monitor their bills, and check their connection status. Customers can even configure their voice line such as call forwarding and so on. 

Occasionally, if customers log in the self-help portal frequently, they can even win freebies and many more. However, it is a first come first serve basis.  

TIME disadvantages

When it comes to disadvantages, a lot of reviews have said that TIME offers contracts that are too long – 12 months or 24 months. 

According to reviews, another disadvantage is the limited coverage for their broadband. As mentioned, they only support heavily populated areas. It is mainly available in places like Klang Valley and some parts in Penang and Johor Bahru. Moreover, there is a limited number of installation ports for each location. 

This is due to the fibre-optic in their technology that does not offer wireless broadband services. If you are out of their area, then it might take some time before you can recover your internet connection. TIME has received several requests from internet users to broaden their coverage, but there is no clear indication of when this will happen. 

Is TIME worth it?

Yes, TIME is worth it. Their internet is fast which is great for people who live in areas with good coverage. So, worry not about the obstruction of your work progress due to poor internet connectivity.

Their customer support is amazing with the self-help portal feature and also how customers can call for assistance anytime of the day. Their customer service is more than happy to provide assistance and clarification if there are any uncertainties and confusion. 

Then, how do you get started? It is very easy. You select which plans you’d like to use which vary from business and home plans. Personal or home plan ties you in for 24 months and ranges from 100mbps (RM99), 500mbps (RM139) and 1gbps (RM199). The voice call plan ranges from pay-as-you-use, RM2.50 per month along with 60 mins per month free call and RM10 per month with 330 mins per month free call.

Business plans range from 100mbps (Rm138 monthly and RM218 monthly) to 300mbps (RM258 monthly). The first plan is RM138 per month which ties customers in for 24 months. It is for retail only with 100mbps. Customers will get free 100gb TIME Bizcloud storage along with 2 voice call plans (pay per use) with 2 DECT phones.

The second business plan provides customers with 100mbps for RM218 per month and this ties customers in for 24 months. It covers all including retail buildings. TIME will provide customers for this plan a free 100gb TIME BizCloud Storage along with 2 voice call plans (free 500 mins for 12 months) and 2 DECT phones.

The third business plan provides customers with 300mbps for RM258 per month and it covers selected buildings only. This plan provides customers with free 100gb TIME Bizcloud Storage, and 2 voice call plans (pay per use).

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