How to Stay Safe Online At All Times

The internet is the one-stop place for anything ranging from information, entertainment to daily necessities. The internet is a revolutionary invention that has supported individuals from across the globe. To those looking for the right internet plan, view the top site for Time internet Malaysia and let it cater to all your requirements. As stated before, the internet has given mankind various benefits and has become something that no one with it now will be able to go without in the future. However, no matter the abundance of benefits we receive from the usage of the internet, there is one key problem that is faced everywhere. That is the safety of the internet in general. The internet may give us so much information, but it is a prominent platform for frauds and scammers to take advantage of. Hence, it is crucial for everyone to know the ways to stay safe online at all times. 

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  Protect the Personal Information with Strong Passwords

We use the internet to access websites to carry out online transactions and there are websites that require signing up. This is where the types of passwords used becomes relevant. Remember to pay attention to strong password requirements. It is suggested for individuals to change their passwords often, but keep track of the changes, never share passwords with other people, and avoid using common easily guessable words or birthdays as passwords. The passwords for each account must vary and in order to keep track, the list of passwords should be recorded in an encrypted file on your computer, or select another secure password storage method. 

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Remember to Keep Personal Information Private

Reading through the terms and conditions on websites may be considered annoying at times. However, when signing up for something online, you must read the terms and conditions. Never enter your financial information on a website that isn’t secure. 

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Pay Attention to Software Updates

Software updates on laptops and mobile devices are important to be kept track of. These updates play the role in keeping the devices functioning at their best at all times. If software updates are prolonged or ignored, the device could be working at a slower pace and may crash. When these scenarios occur, the possibility of the device getting hacked is at a high rate. 

Be Cautious of WiFi used

No matter where you are, in order to use the internet, a WiFi connection is necessary. When at home, the WiFi is there to support you. However, in a public place like a mall, you still require a connection. You may think that connecting to the public WiFi that does not need a password to be keyed in could cut down on your monthly phone charges. But, you don’t realise that you are putting your personal information and much more out into the unguarded network, where online scammers can steal your information and sell it to third parties, or actually scam you with pricy purchases under your credit card accounts. That’s why use you should use your mobile data when in public areas.

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