Men: Sex Toys Are Your Friends, Not Your Enemy

Society’s perception of sex toys have changed over the course of time. In the past, even the mention of sex in general used to be a taboo subject. Public discussion of sex was looked down upon that most people hadn’t the faintest idea of of it. Things have changed drastically since then. Now, especially in the west, sex is a normal topic that’s is discussed between people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation and backgroud. 

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Sex toys have always been around, its just that people have failed to bring it up for discussion. But, in the current media, sex toys are illustrated on series, movies and shows. However,  sex toys are usually represented by its usage by women. Women are often associated with sex toys because women tend to have a harder time in reaching climax. So, they use sex toys to enhance their experiences and allow them to reach their climaxes faster and easier. 

However, there is some debate around introducing sex toys into relationships. Some people are for it, some against it. The heterosexual couples seems to have the most trouble introducing it. Men in these couple think that sex toys are somthing they should compete with. They believe that if they can’t make their partner achieve climax, it is something they should be ashamed of. But, it is normal occurrence, because not everyone has the appropriate skills for sex. 

Men, you should accept that sex toys are your friends, not your enemy. Here are a few reasons that could convince you of the benefits of introducing sex toys into your relationship. 

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It enhances your sexual experience

Sex toys can enhance your experience with your partner in so many levels. It allows your partner to feel things they have never felt before. When you first started having sexual relations with your partner, it must have been exciting and interesting every session. However, over time this excitement will fizzle out whether you like it or not. Sexual relations need to be upgraded every now and then, to keep both parties interested. So, to keep everyone on their toes, you need to introduce some sex toys into your life. When you do, your partner will feel invested in your sexual sessions. They will also feel excited for the future session to come, because every session gives a unique experience. Plus, sex toys also allow you to understand each other’s bodies and desires. You will be able to fully understand their desires, which will allow you to perform well in bed. Both of you will come out satisfied like never before after each session.

It lengthens your session

Other than that, sex toys are able to lengthen your sessions. Of course, not all sexual sessions with your partners should be long, since ‘quickies’ has it own perks too. But every once in a while, you should be able to last long for a session. Men sometimes have issues with lasting long during sex. Which is perfectly fine, because you are human. So, to ensure that your partner is able to finish before you do, incorporate sex toys into your lives. While you rest and recharge, your sex toy will be able to keep your partner satisfied. Then, once you are ready, you will be able to tap back into the session. 

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