Why are Metal Roofs the best in Hot Climates?

Metal roofers


This article mainly explains why it is best to install metal roofs on top of your home in hot climates. Are you living in a country near the equator zone, like Singapore or Malaysia? These regions have scorching hot days and crazy amounts of rainfall during the monsoon season? Well, you better have a home that sustains the heat and forces from extreme weather conditions. Tropical climates may reach the temperature around 37 degree celsius while the strong winds could go up to speed of nearly 90 kilometres per hour. That’s really scary as it is possible to cause huge damage to your property, especially the roofs which might possibly get torn away. Thus, it is very crucial to install a roof that is best withstanding such extreme weather conditions. In my opinion, metal roofs are the best options for tropical climates. Why? Without wasting much time, let me explain the reasons for opting metal roof installation for a safer home. 

Metal roofers

FIVE Reasons to Install Metal Roofs in Hot climates

  1. Durability

First of all, some materials, such as copper roofing, will endure even longer – some copper roofs date back more than a century. There are also a number of elements that can both raise and decrease the lifetime of your roof. One of the most significant advantages of metal roofing is its long longevity, especially when compared to the typical lifespan of asphalt shingles, which is just 15-30 years. Unlike shingles, which may stretch and buckle when subjected to environmental stresses, metal panels are built to endure them. Metal has a nearly double average lifespan, and when combined with its durability and modern design, it’s no wonder that an increasing number of people are adopting it as their new roof or re-roofing choice. 

  1. Energy Efficient

Plus, when heat moves into the home, the room temperature rises considerably, causing air conditioning expenses to rise and living spaces to become uncomfortable. Metal roofing provides three key strategies to keep houses cooler and save air conditioning expenditures by 20 percent or more. First, light-colored metal roofs or metal roofs with dark-colored special pigments absorb radiant heat. Second, as the sun sets or disappears behind a cloud, or even when a moderate wind blows, metal roofs quickly lose any accumulated heat to the sky. The ventilation is another key factor for Energy Efficiency. Metal roofs are readily ventilated and improve attic ventilation.

  1. Higher Wind Resistance

Besides that, according to the Metal Roofing Alliance, metal roofs receive a 140-mph wind rating in wind uplift testing, and some can sustain gusts of up to 180 mph. Uplift experiments are carried out in a laboratory and replicate the effects of high-speed winds by submitting a mock-up of a roof to increase air pressure from below. The rating shows the highest wind speed that the roof can sustain before collapsing. The connection techniques and the interlocking and overlapping panel system, when properly built, offer minimal space for storm winds to enter beneath the roof panels and create uplift. Metal roofing systems come in concealed fastener, exposed fastener, and stamping varieties.

  1. Algae Resistance

Last but lot least. many homes in hot areas have humid conditions as well. In humid conditions, many roofing materials quickly develop unsightly black streaks. This is an algae that grows on roofs. Metal roofs are well-known for their resistance to streaking and staining, and they retain their lustre considerably longer than other materials. Metal roofs have an aesthetic life that is equal to or greater than their utilitarian life. Other roofing materials appear worn and in need of replacement before they really need to be replaced.


Despite all the favorable reasons for installing a metal roof in a place with a tropical climate, that does not mean that metal roofs are a totally perfect option for some customers. Metal roofs do have downsides as well. Thus, it is still based on the customers’ decision to install metal roofs or not. 

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