Family Physician course in Malaysia

Family Physicians course in Malaysia

Malaysia has the third-highest family physician-to-population ratio in the world with five million people. There are more than 700,000 practicing family doctors in the country. This is a large number, which poses high demand for doctors and needs for a higher number of training institutions to produce more qualified physicians. The government and non-government organizations have been working together to establish new medical schools that meet the demand of patients. The first medical school related to family medicine was established in 1984, but it only opened its doors to students in 2005. In 2017, there are 10 schools in Malaysia offering courses related to family medicine. The family physician course in Malaysia is currently running for a six-month duration. It is not a long course but it provides students with the opportunity to learn about the basics of medicine and become more knowledgeable.

The family physician course in Malaysia provides medical students with an education on the basic principles of medical care, which includes the study of pathophysiology, pharmacology, and clinical reasoning. Malaysia has a growing number of medical doctors and it is estimated that the country will have up to 50% of medical doctors by 2030. The government has therefore made it a priority to increase the number of citizens who are able to provide family medicine services. The Ministry of Health is currently developing a new course that will train more Family Physicians course in Malaysia.  This course is expected to be completed by 2020 and will be available nationwide with open enrollment starting in 2019.

Family Physicians course in Malaysia

 It will also serve as an important part of helping develop multiple pathways for those interested in becoming specialists or other healthcare professionals later on. This course is only for those who are interested in taking up family doctoring as a career. This includes medical students and doctors who want to add more specialties to their current field of work. The Malaysian government has decided to open this program for the first time ever in 2018. This will allow any Malaysian citizen with the qualifications and background, who want to practice family medicine, to do so without having to go abroad. The Malaysian government is currently introducing a family physician course which is targeted for both students and practicing doctors.

 The course focuses on training in general medical care, community health care, and psychological health of children. The new course will also include 200 hours of didactic learning, with an emphasis on academic teaching. This could be a promising move for Malaysia given the country’s low doctor-to-population ratio. Malaysia has been trying to boost the number of doctors in the country by offering various incentives like increased pay and new residency programs. The Family Medicine course in Malaysia is a 10-month course that is offered at the National University of Malaysia (UKM). The curriculum is designed to train general practitioners who are able to provide primary healthcare services. Family physicians can choose between a GP-specialist practice or hospital-based practice after completing this course.

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