4 Ways To Preserve Food

Eco friendly reusable food containers

These times make us spend many hours indoors. With them, new concerns, new questions and other needs can arise. For example, if we bought food in large quantities because it was more convenient or we decided to go out less, what is the best way to preserve it and make it last as long as possible? In addition, we know that it is advisable to buy fruits and vegetables in the season that corresponds to their harvest: in this way, they will be richer and cheaper. Let’s take advantage of winter products: we share some tips so that they do not lose their flavor and properties.


Eco friendly reusable food containers

A very good and unusual option is to dehydrate: some fruits and vegetables can be put in the oven on very low heat for a long time and with the door ajar. The food, in this process, concentrates all its flavor, and loses the juices that cause decomposition, delaying its expiration date. There are also specific devices to perform this procedure, the dehydrators. But in a normal oven it can be done perfectly. You can try it with seasonal fruits and vegetables, mushrooms and fresh herbs.


Logically, freezing is a process that has been used for a long time as the preferred method of preserving food. It is practical and easy to do, but there are some tips that can make it even more useful. For example, consider that certain fruits and vegetables can be frozen fresh just as they come from the greengrocer, and know well which ones best support this process. Or keep in mind, however, that vegetables that are frozen after being cooked or blanched will always be better. It is always convenient to check the times that each food tolerates in the eco friendly reusable food containers, and, above all, not to freeze those that do not get along with low temperatures, or that lose their texture and flavor when defrosted: potatoes and mayonnaise are examples from them.


Ferments are becoming a great icon of contemporary food. These preparations contain probiotics that can contribute, depending on the type of organism we have, to improve intestinal function, among other advantages. Always the ideal is to consult a clinical doctor or gastroenterologist before embarking on its regular consumption. Similarly, many ferments have been a typical food in people’s diets for hundreds and thousands of years: yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles and other pickles .The basic principle is to create a medium where fresh food can subsist for much longer. To advance the technique a little further, you can research miso, a spectacular fermented soybean paste for flavoring soups and stews. Another widely used item is probiotic drinks,

Store in a water bath

Eco friendly reusable food containers

Practically any food, fresh or prepared that we want to keep for a while, can be packed in a hermetically sealed jar using homemade pasteurization, as is usually used in the packaging of jams or homemade sweets: the jar is immersed in boiling water, to eliminate the possible bacteria it may contain.

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