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A deluge of disposable wipes has flooded the market in recent years, including make-up removal wipes, cleaning wipes for the house and for the vehicle, but also baby wipes. We can’t dispute that they are very useful. It is, on the other hand, a serious blight on the ecosystem.

Because of their composition, they are neither recyclable nor biodegradable, resulting in serious health consequences throughout the waste treatment process or in purifying stations. According to the experts, they currently account for 9 percent of household trash, or 34 kg per person per year. Choosing the products for babies in Malaysia  is a tricky one.

Waste that might have been avoided

Aside from that, they may be hazardous to one’s health. Preservatives such as phenoxyethanol, which is included in baby wipes and other products, are believed to be harmful to the liver and the bloodstream. 1 percent is the maximum concentration that may be used in infant products. This is too much for the American National Standards Institute (1), which recommends reducing the permitted limits in the interest of the precautionary principle. As a result, if you see that the wipes are coming into direct touch with your baby’s most personal areas, you should stop using them.

What is the best way to change the baby cleansing wipe in practise?

So, what method do you use to clean your baby’s bottom on a daily basis? We’re going back to the tried and true ways of our grandmothers, which have been proved through generations of infants!

products for babies in Malaysia

Wipes that can be washed

When it comes to our infant, we neglect to bring disposable wipes. Consequently, we wash the child quickly with water and mild soap, either with a washcloth or directly at the sink if it is a toddler. You may also choose to wash your clothes in a machine with a washable cotton fabric. There are many different types of washable wipes available today, all manufactured from environmentally friendly materials.

Baby wipes that can be washed are available

The washable wipes may be bought on specialist zero waste websites or even manufactured by the consumer. We choose fabrics that are absorbent, soft on the skin, and environmentally friendly. There are a variety of choices available, including organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo. In addition to helping to protect the environment and your health, they are also extremely cost-effective choices! When compared to the purchase of disposable wipes, a simple washcloth is very inexpensive and pays for itself in a short period of time.

When the cleaning solution that impregnates the wipes is no longer available, what should be used in its place? Mild soap, as previously said, will do the job, but it must be completely washed out afterward. You may also use an organic cleaning lotion or a care oil to clean your skin. Once again, it is feasible to purchase them commercially or to manufacture them from organic vegetable oils at your own home (sweet almond, jojoba or calendula).


Another benefit of utilising care oils instead of wipes is that, in contrast to industrial goods, they produce very minimal irritation or erythema. When your baby’s skin is very sensitive, it is common for childcare professionals to recommend this.

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