Needed Rules For Friends With Benefits

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Not wanting to be in a relationship but you still want to have someone to pleasure you. But having a one-night stand seems not safe and not your interest either. Well, have you ever considered having a friend with benefits with someone? What is a friend with benefits? Well, easy friends with benefits are when you and someone that you trust make an agreement to have sexual intercourse with each other and not being tied up or committed to any serious relationship. Both of you can get whatever that you want with each other and you are not being tied up to have a serious relationship with each other. 

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However, if you and your friend agree to be friends with benefits with each other. There are several rules that you need to be able to follow so that both of you can enjoy this experience while being safe and not risk anything. Because if you are, these are some of the rules that you need to imply in your relationship. 

Someone That Is Honest

The basic foundation of starting a friend with benefits relationship is that both of you need to be honest with each other and trust each other. That is the most important rule to have before starting any deep friend with benefits relationship. You need to make sure that you can trust them and they can trust you, and that both of you will be safe with each other. 

Talk About Your Interest 

The meaning of talk about your interest here is that you and your FWB partner can tell each other what are your preferences when it comes to sex and how much you are willing to try something new. Are you up to trying any sex toys or are you more of a role play person, this type of discussion needs to be had with each other before having any relationship because you want to make sure that both of you are comfortable being FWB? If you are you can start to buy vibrator Malaysia and other sex toys that you can incorporate later in your activity. 

Practice Safe Sex 

No matter what it is, it is important for you and your FWB to be practicing safe sex. Even if you are up to adventure or trying something new, make sure that it’s safe and ask for each other’s consent. Always wear a condom as protection and tell your FWB if you are on birth control or not. And if you can, get both of yourself check to see your health condition. 

Be Clear Of The Relationship 

Remember you don’t want to end up in a complicated situation with your FWB. So both of you need to be extremely clear about this mutual relationship that you are having. Don’t be catching any sorts of romantic feelings and if you did, it’s better to cut off the whole FWB relationship before it gets way too complicated.

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