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mother care nursing products Malaysia

Here are some postures that are most frequently utilised to offer relief to pregnant ladies if you are uncertain how to use your cushion.

The Most Comfortable Sleeping Positions When Using A Pregnant And Nursing Pillow

When you utilise your nursing pillow, you’ll quickly discover how many different positions are accessible to you for breastfeeding.

One of the most well-known postures is to stand with your back to the other person. Then, with your legs and arms slightly bent, place the pillow between them. You will observe that this posture is also adopted by youngsters who are wrapped in a blanket in this manner. It’s no surprise that this posture is very comfy! With mother care nursing products malaysia this works perfectly.

Sleeping Position For Breastfeeding Mothers Using A Nursing Pillow

We also suggest using a pregnant cushion in conjunction with the lateral safety position (PLS). Stretch your leg as near to the mattress as possible while still lying on your side and with the cushion unrolled and snug against you. Folding the second leg over the cushion will provide additional support.

If you are unable to get relief from these postures, try this one: once again lay on your side with the cushion supporting your back (along your spine). Pass the pillow’s other end between your thighs to keep it in place.

mother care nursing products Malaysia

All of these roles require that you be on the sidelines. However, if you prefer to sleep on your back, it is still feasible to utilise the maternity pillow to alleviate the pressure on your body while you sleep.

The most apparent way to utilise a cushion is to place it under your head, shoulders, and upper arms to provide support. You may use the pillow ends to support the sides of your stomach, which will enable your back to relax.

Additionally, while still lying on your back, you may utilise the cushion by putting it beneath your thighs, at the level of your buttocks, to relieve pressure on your back. It is possible to bend over and lay your legs on the cushion in this situation.

A Nursing Cushion For Use During The Delivery Of A Child, A Breastfeeding Pillow For The Mother And The Child

After following you throughout your pregnancy, your cushion will take on a new role with the arrival of your child. It will be useful as a support throughout the nursing process. Due to the large number of bottles or feedings per day, and the fact that each meal lasts about 20 minutes, you will spend a significant amount of time holding your baby.

It is possible to get tired and experience spasms or even discomfort in the arms and shoulders during these times. The breastfeeding pillow is very beneficial in preventing these situations from occurring!


The comfort of both you and the baby will be enhanced during mealtimes. Use it to rest your arm on (the arm that your child uses for a feed or a bottle). Or, you can put your child directly on the cushion (this one has been placed around your waist and a significant portion of it rests on your knees), in which case you will have more flexibility with your hands.

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