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In a job that combines science, medicine and human warmth, the nurse has the task of taking care of the patient, pampering him and reassuring him in moments of greatest difficulty and discouragement.  They have to take care of all the people who have distant families and are most in need at times when they can feel most alone. 

A work that has taken on even more fundamental importance for everyone in the months of the covid pandemic and one of the most dangerous jobs, so much so that the category of nurses has rightly been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Before you opt for kolej jururawat you can find the right options.

kolej jururawat

Who is a nurse? A few words on that

The nurse is a professional figure who has the task of taking care of the person as well as the patient.  It is not easy to define this type of professional because, on the one hand, his studies are of a technical and medical nature, but at the same time, he has the task of keeping a patient safety and making him make the most of a convalescence path. 

  • This subject follows a patient during rehabilitation, after a potential illness, operation or illness; provides assistance to the sick, making sure that rehabilitation proceeds adequately, as prescribed by the treating doctor, without any complications. 
  • A Nurse can also assist elderly patients and ensure that they can continue a healthy lifestyle both medically, psychologically and emotionally. 
  • For those who decide to undertake this profession, it is advisable to have a sort of vocation in helping others and the weakest and derive satisfaction in making themselves useful for all those who need to get back on their feet or prepare for an important path. 

What a nurse does

A nurse has the main task of taking care of patients and the community by supporting them both from a psychological (human) point of view and from a medical point of view. 

  • The main tasks that can be attributed to the figure of a nurse, especially for those who work in the hospital are.
  • The taking charge of the patient at the same time they enter the health care facility. Talk to him and the family members accompanying him to outline the path to be taken by the patient and where to place him;
  • Plans the assistance, the treatment and rehabilitation path of the patient starting from his clinical conditions, without ever losing sight of the patient’s needs (eg the rules dictated by religion or cultural factors). It makes the patient actively involved in the rehabilitation path to be done and collaborates with other experts in the sector who are part of the medical team. 

It provides the necessary assistance: that is, it puts into practice all the techniques useful for the physical rehabilitation of the patient, helping him through the care, education and listening of the patient by applying the indications of the treating doctor to perfection and using material and human resources. 

Last Words

It monitors the progress of the medical team’s prescribed treatments and the evaluation of the patient’s reactions regarding the interventions and treatments the patient has undergone. 

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