Why Unifi 300mbps Service? Here We Tell You

Unifi 300mbps

Concretely, therefore, if your emails take a long time to leave, if your streaming videos or your video conferences are struggling to load or if your internet connection is down, there are several reasons. First, the use, for teleworking and keeping contact with friends and family, of videoconferencing, which consumes a lot of bandwidth; on a fixed network primarily dedicated to home use, and often with 5 or 6 people (when it is not a question of speaking with 30 people, via Zoom).

Unifi 300mbps

Then, a relatively inefficient high-speed ADSL connection (especially compared to fiber, still in the process of generalization), with reduced bandwidth and slowdowns when it comes to making video calls or sending heavy files. . Knowing that at the same time, your children or loved ones will likely watch a movie streaming or play online. The Unifi 300mbps net happens to be the best there.

Finally, the over-use of online services servers:

If your connection to Netflix is ​​sluggish, for example, it is not necessarily linked to the network and its speed, but because websites have trouble coping with too many users all using their servers at the same time.

4G? Watch out for the data envelope

If you are using a PC and your ADSL connection is slow and unstable (not to say bad), it may be useful to use mobile networks, which may perform better. The idea: transform your smartphone into a modem, by creating a personal Wi-Fi “Hotspot”; an “access point” accessible via a secure password, which will use the 4G network. To do this, go to the “network and internet” settings of your smartphone (iOS or Android) and activate the “connection sharing” mode. If you plan to power several devices, it is better to use a dedicated 4G router specifically for such use.

But beware:

By choosing to use your 4G network, you run the risk of quickly wasting your entire mobile data plan unless you have chosen a 100 GB per month plan, but this is not the case. of the majority, especially if you are sending or downloading large files. In this case, either you will have to spend more money to continue, or your operator will allow you to surf, but in “degraded” mode, in other words, via a very slow connection, too slow for professional use.

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