Top 6 Dangerous Jobs

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If you are working in the office or somewhere comfortable, be grateful for that because some people out there are actually having jobs that are dangerous and might put their life at risk. Even working at the fabrication with machining in Johor can be dangerous for certain people. 

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Here are the top 6 dangerous jobs out there. 

  1. Nuclear Monitoring Technicians

Just like its name this occupation is highly dangerous for many reasons. Not only it is located somewhere far away from the civilians but having this job will also mean that they are being exposed to different types of dangerous chemicals, radiation, and nuclear technologies. Not only that, but they are also responsible to make sure that nuclear stays stable at all times. Being exposed to radiation can cause their health at risk in terms of a long time. This is definitely a high-risk job. 

  1. Construction workers 

A construction site is a dangerous place and the work itself is also dangerous. Being exposed to different types of materials like steel, glass, and wires can be dangerous and also these workers will need to work at a high-level place. Especially when they are building skyscrapers. Many incidents at the construction site have been reported every single year, common incident at this place is like tripping, falling and etc. 

  1. Police officers 

Police officers are responsible for keeping civilians safe and calm. They may not be exposed to dangerous radiation but the requirement of their job is putting their life at risk while protecting innocent lives every day. The main tasks of police officers are keeping away all of the criminals and making sure that they are not doing any illegal activities. Sometimes, while protecting civilians and the city, these police officers can be putting their lives in danger. 

  1. Firefighters 

Just like a police officer, firefighters are responsible for keeping the civilians and the city safe and sound. However, their main task usually involves any natural disaster like a fire, earthquake, and flood. They must make sure that the people are safe and they need to make sure that the situation is being handled safely and professionally. Sometimes, while handling these disasters they can put their lives at risk and leads to fatal. 

5. Doctors

You might wonder why doctors are one of the dangerous jobs. They work at a hospital which is a place that we all considered a safe place to go to. However, being a doctor means that they are constantly being exposed to different types of viruses and bacteria. Especially during this pandemic, doctors are always putting their life at risk by treating the patients of Covid-19. So they are always exposing themselves to viruses while trying to save other people’s lives.

6. Farmers

As shocking as it sounds, being a farmer is considered one of the dangerous jobs in the world. Being a farmer is not like in the movies where they are constantly milking cows and feeding the ducks. Throughout the years, many farmers have been in a transportation accidents at their farms and they are also being exposed to the bacteria from the animals at the farms. 

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