Is Cloud Storage Really Our Sustainable Ally?

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Today, sustainability has become a trend. However, it is important to remember the topic of sustainability goes deeper than a label on a fashion statement and it does not simply remain as words on a brand’s tagline. Being sustainable is our fight against climate change and its drastic effect. Every day we are taking extra steps to be a little greener. But how does going green have anything to do with how we perceive server backup Malaysia? Does switching to cloud storage make your life a little more sustainable? What do our internet choices have to say about being green?

Using cloud storage for our tasks is nothing new. But recently we have been unpacking the topic with a new perspective, that is through sustainability. You can define how green you are through your digital habits too. It is not always about switching from plastic to glass or using a tote bag all the time. It is also about making our energy usage more efficient and contributing less to the harmful combustion and emissions from nonrenewable sources of energy. 

server backup Malaysia

Many say that cloud storage is not as green as we might believe it to be.  Before jumping on to its sustainability, we should address that it does have its own problems. It definitely is not a hundred percent perfect solution to our environmental crisis. This is because the process that is used to support the cloud-based storage system, uses a server that is so large that it boggles our mind. It brings the question, how energy efficient are these servers? 

Unlike any other form of backup service and technology, a cloud-based system has a server that is a lot more efficient and manages to reduce our carbon footprint. It is not all bad news for our lovely storage solution. Let’s also talk about other green benefits we get from opting for a cloud storage solution. 

Cloud storage happens to have lower maintenance costs compared to its more popular partners like hard drives. Hard drives are expensive and certainly not low maintenance. Who would not want to have safety and security that is reliable at a cheaper rate? 

Speaking of security, nothing can beat the encryption that is provided with cloud storage. Cloud storage often has a lot of layers of protection to its service. There is also the added benefit of having control over who can access your files and creating collaborations with people in complete privacy. 

One of the most attractive parts of having cloud storage for our everyday life, over your typical local storage is the remote access of the technology. People who are from all over the world can use cloud storage to do their jobs with a hundred percent more efficiency as well as productivity. We can access our files and data from the tip of our fingers using our phones. It does not matter whether are dancing in the Caribbean and or spending a luxurious holiday in the Maldives. Your work productivity is improved as a result of cloud storage solutions. 

Ready to finally reduce the amount of e-waste with proper cloud storage? 

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