General And Particular Objectives Of The Postgraduate Program

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The student will be able to distinguish, analyze and evaluate the healthy physical condition during the development of each individual, depending on their characteristics; as well as the indications and contraindications of the prescription of exercise and the effects that the latter produces on your quality of life.

program diploma perakaunan

The student will be able to analyze, design and implement physical education programs using curricular planning and pedagogical practices oriented to different levels of education.

The student will be able to identify and associate the phases of the administrative process in the development of their profession for the organization of sports events, sports projects and programs, evaluation of sports entities, among others.

The student will be able to distinguish, relate and assess the physiological and psycho-pedagogical aspects that govern sports training in order to recognize the functional capacity of the individual to improve their sports results.

Admission profile

The candidate for the master’s degree in physical activity and sport must have training at the sports and physical activity degree level, as well as the knowledge that justifies their admission due to the relationship between their academic and professional training with the offered master’s degree.

They must also have experience in physical education, management, promotion and practice of a sport or physical activity.

They will show adequate command of their mother tongue in oral and written form. Orally it will show coherence, fluency and correctness, in writing it will show unity, clarity and cohesion demonstrated inadequate wording as well as understanding and analysis of information and mastery of new technologies.

You must have attitudes such as: open disposition to work, responsibility, commitment, desire for personal improvement, concern to respond to social and labor problems.

Graduate profile

A professional who acts with social relevance and transformational sense in the various areas of high performance sports, school physical education, health promotion and sports management, through a humanistic, integrative and complex vision for the design, application and evaluation of intervention programs that enable better interactions of man with physical culture.

Widad College set its own admission requirements for higher education courses, so they vary widely. Depending on the course, the graduate student may be able to advance to higher education with a number of requirements. If you’re applying to do a college course, it is possible that work experience is taken into account along with any qualifications you may have. Some institutes and colleges offer foundation years in preparation for a certain degree like program diploma perakaunan. In general, they don’t give rise to different criteria, since they simply qualify you to enter the degree itself. Foundation years aren’t available to all careers, however.

The academic study of sport tends to focus on the physical, strategic and business aspects of the sport, thus preparing students to manage sports organizations, train teams, or teach or guide physical education in schools or for athletes.

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