Chemicals That We Use In Our Everyday Life

What’s a good explanation for the convenience and ease we have in the 21st century?

Perhaps technology, maybe digitalization or it’s maybe more about the chemicals we use in our life. What makes washing our dishes easier? Probably a man-made chemical that is called dish soap. Why is it easier to keep our clothes and bedding smell minty fresh and like lavender? Probably also another addition of some chemicals.

Chemicals have been with us for a very long time and like anything that is convenient and essential, we are dependent on them. Chemicals are used in our everyday life, from the laundry to cooking and even for our work. Our food has chemicals, our books have chemicals and even the yummy coffee drink we have is processed with chemicals. For today’s purpose, we are not going to be talking about the natural chemical components such as what molecules make the structure of water. In essence, even water and other naturally made liquids, gas, and solids are also chemicals but of course, this is not the type of chemicals we are talking about today. We are talking about how we use artificially made chemicals in our everyday life. 

Let’s take a look at some examples of how we use chemicals on a daily basis. 

For Our Kitchen 

Can you truly say you have never used a chemical in your life whenever you go into the kitchen? One way or another, we use more than 2-3 types of chemicals in the kitchen. Whether it is while cleaning it, washing the vegetables and fruits, draining the sink, cleaning out the dishwasher, scrubbing the stove and the oven, making the countertop shiny, or washing our dishes and hands. We have a separate chemical for our hands, and a separate one for our dishes, ovens, stoves, and countertops. These are the very basics of what we need in the kitchen. 

In Our Clothes 

We love clothes. We love shopping for them, wearing them, styling them according to our own personality and identity. And with clothes, also comes the use of chemicals. Manufacturing them, weaving them, making their fabric, and washing them all include the use of chemicals. 

Our Skincare And Cosmetics 

The cosmetic industry has endless types of chemicals. From your sunblock to the thick niacinamide serum, it is all filled and bound with different types of chemicals. Primarily many use the applications of emulsifiers, preservatives, emollients, shiners, and so on. The gooey, nice texture we get in our skincare line and our lotions are the result of chemicals. Also not to mention, deodorants and fragrances. Chemical compounds are what make them smell so good and addictive. 

Home Repairs And Construction 

Unlike a foaming agent in skincare, in construction, we stick to antifoaming agent Selangor and other concrete admixtures, which is the common classified name for construction chemicals. Building a home and ensuring its integrity, reliability, and structure means we have to depend on the power of chemicals. Even a little repairing and little DIY crafts in our home with cement are done with chemicals. 

In a perfect little world, we might like to avoid the use of chemicals. More and more research shows its implication on the environment and the human body but as we know it, there is no way to live without chemicals. Chemicals have so many great benefits in our lives and we truly need to understand the science behind these to be puzzled (in a completely fascinating way!). 

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