5 Local Influencers You Should Follow For Fashion Inspirations

Fashion has been around the longest since the very beginning of time. The evolution of the trend is self-expression, confidence-boosting, and identity building which changes over the years. We have the retro, the vintage, the pop or neon look, or today’s minimalist crazies. What’s fun about fashion is you have the freedom to play around with the clothes that you shopped, reinvent, create and stand out from the rest of the crowd whilst giving you a better feeling, both the outside and the inside. 

What makes you a fashion lover is the thrill of shopping, the smell of new clothes, a wide range of choices to mix and match to fit into your aesthetics, and even if you’re on a budget, you can do window shopping and get something out of it, that is outfit inspirations. You can also find a bunch of ideas from Instagram – from Korean to American style, up to the traditional concept and the perfect handbag and accessories to fit. 

Even if you are working for social marketing services Malaysia, you still wanted to look good in the office nevertheless! If you are looking for fashion inspiration, here are 5 local influencers with an expensive taste in creative fashion you should follow:

  1. Adibah Nadirah (@adibahnadirah)

Put in keywords like hoodie girl or converse sneakers in your search engine and you will find yourself stumbling upon Adibah Nadirah. The fashion influencer has an array of brown tone feed that will inspire you to go with her calming sense of fashion in the shade of beiges and browns. Her most iconic trademarks – oversized hoodies and sneakers – are memorable for her followers for their simplicity in combination. You can find her selling vintage pants, basic dresses, and stationery at her Instagram shops, beyou.com, and @cramelcream on Shopee. 

  1. Iman Qistina (@imanqistnaa)

Iman’s rise in popularity surged from her Youtube channel, consisting of vlogs and fashion videos. Her aesthetically warm shades and minimal look with high ends can make you be of no help but be curious about her fashion patterns. Sometimes, she would give an element of surprise to her Instagram feed with a sudden pink silky attire like her most recent post.

  1. Fara Juliana (@farajuliana)

Whoever established wearing vests are outdated, sorry to say that they are the ones being left out. Fara has mastered the art of vests with unique fashion coordination of culottes, long-sleeved shirts, skirts, or top it all with a jacket – all the while being Muslim-friendly. If you have old vests that you have no idea how to put up in your wardrobe, Fara can provide you with fashion ideas from her eye candy feed alone.

  1. Sumrah Jamal (@crystalsumrah)

Just like Iman Qistina, Sumrah’s popularity also surged from her Youtube Channel. Born in the United Kingdom where her language revolves around there along with a thick accent that is soothing to the ear, her collaborations with fashion brands earn her the queen of fashion on the internet. 

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