Internet usage in rural areas

Everyone needs an internet connection nowadays. Whether it be for work or education or anything else. It can also be for entertainment. Most of our daily tasks need to be done with an internet connection. Even a simple task such as shopping is sometimes done through the internet platform. Most of us need to connect to the internet to complete the daily tasks given to us. Since the movement control order (MCO) in March 2020, the internet has been one of the basic requirements to all of us. The government also has worked together in helping people in need with those internet connections. With a stable internet connection, we all can complete almost every single thing that has been assigned to us in our day. We all need at least 100mbps internet connection because it will ease our work. As a student nowadays, they all need to continue their study through an online platform. So, they will need the internet connection the most because of that. We all can apply for time 100mbps for a stable internet connection.

Most of us are still staying in the rural area because of living with our grandparents. The internet connection there is still weak and low. The government also does not seem to take it seriously and just focus on urban area development. That should not happen because development, whether in the rural area, the village or the city, must be standardized. The government should not leave the village area undeveloped as it requires a large budget. We all need to work together in helping those who need the internet connection especially those who are living in the village or rural area. The government often left those areas undeveloped because of the costs itself as has been mentioned just now and the area is hard to be developed. As for the city or town, the development has started and the current government can continue it but for rural areas or villages, someone needs to start the development and it is hard to do. That is why the government often left that area as it had been because of those reasons. Most university students are still living in the rural area and they have to go through a lot of hardship in order to get a stable internet connection. Again, the government or any organization that is responsible for that matter should think of a way to help those people because we all need the internet connection in our daily life. 

Last but not least, we as a friend or sibling should be the first one to help our close relatives or friends in need with that kind of matter. Most of our work needs to be done with the internet connection such as the online class. As for students specially, they need to do their assignment and attend the online class while at home. So, how are they going to continue their studies, attend the online class or do the assignment if their area did not have the internet connection because they live in a rural area. 

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