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Internet access is not a luxury, but a moral human right and everyone should have stable and good speed internet connection. There is no doubt that the Internet is an essential tool and a service in this modern world and gives access to many other services related to the digital world. There are many perks of the internet which people can get and make their lives easier. More and more central and local government services are being brought online, while the previous processes of accessing the same services become much more impractical (in the name of savings) or even abolished. At the same time, Internet coverage in rural areas remains poor or non-existent. Very soon, disadvantaged rural populations will be denied access to these services and, in some cases, will be fined for not responding to agencies that only operate online. We are already seeing it among the unemployed in rural areas and among the elderly without computer skills. In this article, we will let you know the best perks of having an internet connection. Down below are written our top best perks. 

  • For those who do not have access to an educational system, the Internet is a substitute with great potential. Even highly educated people can use it as a supplement to better understand what they have learned in school. It would not be an overstatement to say that access to the Internet could change the lives of millions of people. 
  • We are no longer limited to the information contained in the books to which we have access, but now we can find the answer to everything through the Internet in less than a second. The Internet offers endless knowledge to anyone who seeks it. It is not fair to limit people’s knowledge based on their access to books, libraries, or financial resources. those who cannot afford it will have a hard time educating themselves. By making the internet free, we are leveling the playing field and giving everyone the ability to access the knowledge they want, when they want it.
  • In today’s world, If one does not like to pay for cable TV then he can cut the cable and can subscribe to YouTube channels, Sling TV, HBO Now, Netflix etc. One can also  view all his favorite shows on his PC or cellphone. Similarly, the music is the same. One can also listen to online radio through Pandora,, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, or just buy MP3 to stay on his device.
  • The free Internet will also facilitate the exchange and development of ideas ranging from technology to health, the arts to finance, politics to sociology. The Internet is known as a platform on which people can debate issues, politics, society, economics, and other topics, and provides a platform on which agents of change can thrive. When the Internet is free, everyone in the world has an equal opportunity to hear your voice, learn, and come together to fight for change where it is needed. All of these things are critical building blocks for a functioning society, and the internet is the perfect platform for people from all walks of life to meet and converse in a virtual environment.
  • Twitter for sending short messages to an anonymous audience and Facebook for the family and friends you meet in real life. Instagram for uploading photos of yourself for everyone and different, and Snapchat for those secret photo activities.
  • Like the invention of the printing press and eventually the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the invention of the Internet disrupted human evolution and life will never be the same again. Over the past three decades, global Internet use has grown exponentially. Billions are connected and share emails, posts, pictures,, and stories. Today technology of the internet has brought people together and fueled an ongoing cultural, artistic, and political revolution. Open access to the Internet creates a fairer society in which everyone has free access to knowledge and communication.
  • The Internet is essentially a unique tool that allows anyone in the world to access information that was unknown 20 years ago. Although it has many very real negative impacts and imperfections, its potential is to be a great educational tool. 

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