Stuff to do when you’re bored in quarantine.

With the current pandemic outbreak going in, we can understand your frustration of not doing anything exciting at the comfort of your own home.

Some are even stressed about by being in the constant presence of your family members and the pressure of keeping up with their academic or professional occupations. 

Running out of creative ideas on what kind of stuff to do when you’re stuck at home? I’ll help you figure it out.

  1. Read A Book

This sounds quite boring doesn’t it? Wait!! Did you know there are various genres of books that you can get yourself into?

From fiction, biography, thriller, horror and many more that are too long to list, it’s definitely worth your time to spend. Some of my personal favorites are genres from fiction, biography and romance books. 

The Diary Of A Young Girl is one of my favorites book i’ve ever come across, it really opened my eyes regarding the horror faced by many during the Holocaust. 

You can easily get the E-book version here.

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  1. Do house chores

Now is the perfect time for you to finally clean your house thoroughly if you’re the type to keep avoiding it with the excuse that you’re always busy. 

The after satisfaction after you finish is always fulfilling. Not to forget the sweat you will produce and who knows you might lose some weight along the way.

  1. Make A Vision Board 

This might sound silly as it is, however doing this might be helpful for you.

The future is uncertain and might be a scare to think about especially during these tough times. 

You can just pull out a simple cardboard and envision what you’re planning to do within the next 3,5 or 10 years. With just a few cutouts from old magazines or newspapers, you can easily come up with a simple and cute vision board.

  1. Learn A New Skill

Ever heard of the phrase you’ll only stop learning when you die? Well this comes perfect in times you’re bored and stuck in the house.

There is always something new to learn everyday, no matter how knowledgeable you are and how skillful you are. 

These technology advanced days, there are a variety of websites and platforms that can teach you any skill you would like to obtain.

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  1. Do Some Yoga

Amongst all the chaos and loudness of the world, yoga might be good for the soul. 

Did you know the few benefits of yoga for your physical includes flexibility, muscle strength and tone, respiration, energy and vitality and many more. As there are so many different styles of yoga practices, anyone can start.

Spending a short 5 minutes of relaxation in yoga might bring you peace and calm to get you through the day. 

  1. Keep Track Of Your Personal Finance

With the current pandemic situation that is going on, it is crucial for you to keep track of your budget closely.

Yes, I agree this is something many would avoid even though they are bored to death. However, rather than just bored doing nothing and staring at the wall, why not take the initiative to execute some of the personal financial activities, such as budgeting.

  1. Watch Netflix

One of the most favorite things that everyone loves to do especially when they’re cozying up on their bed – just put on your favourite pyjamas and watch your TV series or movie (or if you don’t have one, there’s plenty of pyjamas Malaysia online stores to buy from!).

2020 is the year of movies where productions keep producing high quality and fun movies or shows to watch. 

Currently, some of the highest grossing shows that you can indulge into includes Stranger Things, Russian Doll, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Umbrella Academy, Sex Education and many more. 

All of these shows listed are among the highest ratings for a show that definitely worth your time. 

  1. Play Mobile Games

If you’re someone who likes to spend time on their mobile phones or gadgets then this is the perfect time for you to install and try out the newest game in the market. 

Games like Mobile Legend and Mario Kart are all widely received and played by everyone. Even games like Fortnite are available to be played on your phones! 

However, if you’re looking for something a little different, why not try the best online casino Malaysia that you can try here.

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