Constellation: Love Taboo

Aries (3/21-4/19) 
Don’t pour his cold water, be careful that love will turn off halfway. Taboo dragging and pulling, he may be halfway. Don’t be too annoying to be a bit sticky and not too sticky. Taboo when stuffy gourd, there is a fart to be released quickly. In the end, remembering that being too active is only a bad thing, it only makes them feel that they are losing their dominant position.

Taurus (4/20-5/20) 
should not be impatient, too much for the monkeys to make him feel that he is not worthy of waiting, learn Wang Baozhen! Beware of his possessiveness, he does not like to share his girlfriend with other male friends, even if he is not a friend. If you don’t understand the housework, you should know how to cover up. It is best to go home and ask for more advice from your mother. You can talk about your dreams but don’t fantasize. It’s best not to export things that are unrealistic. In addition to exquisite cuisine, it is strictly forbidden to spread waste, and everything is economical, environmentally friendly and durable. 

Gemini (5/21-6/20) 
can’t be left unchanging, and life is not forbidden. Love is sweet and sweet, but you can’t love too much. Don’t expect him to give up other interests and focus only on one person. He didn’t hook up with other women. When you are not happy, remember that when you are stuffy, you will only make the situation worse. Remember that his patience is only one-tenth of that of ordinary people. He is not interested in too difficult love. 

Cancer (6/21-7/22) 
is not too fast, but the crab is very shy and gentle. His mood is changeable, and he is best to change with constant care. He likes to care for each other and avoid indifference. His tradition is very close to his family. A woman who is too outgoing can attract him but not necessarily long. It can be said that he is not, can say that his friend is not, do not say that his family is not. He has a strong desire to besides your family, it is best not to be close to people. 

Leo (7/23-8/22) The 
lion speaks and taboos, and occasionally fouls appear to be smart, but the move is awkward and stupid. Loyalty is against the ears, don’t tell the truth about too many things, especially those stupid things he does. For his crazy madness, he doesn’t want to clap his hands and give him a blank eye, taboo and ridicule. It’s better to slap his eyes than to splash his cold water, blindly admiring his love effect more times. Can express your ice and snow to set off his wise leadership, but don’t snatch his style. 

Virgo (8/23-9/22)
Work first love second, don’t make trouble to ask him to accompany you to drink coffee. Tenderness tactics are good, but he does not like peer pressure, which will allow him to choose to clear the relationship. 
A woman who does not choose a word, he does not touch it, and a person who is rash in his work will let him escape. His heart is very fragile, and a cold war against him in three or two days will make him think that you are about to leave him. Don’t say it too easily, he can easily believe it. 

Libra (9/23-10/22) 
He likes to be vague and hates to say too clearly. He likes to bicker and hate anger, accompany him! He bickers to make him impressed with you, and he is angry with him and he will escape. 
He never makes a decision. Many things are less than the last second. Never force him to make a conclusion. He likes balance. If you love too fast, he will be more hesitant. The deeper you fall, the faster he runs. Too difficult to love, he is easy to give up, love him, try not to give him a problem. 

Scorpio (10/23-11/21) 
confessed to being lenient, resisting strictness, concealing and betraying all the same. He is suspicion that there is no privacy or secret to his awkward life. Don’t try to learn his suspicions, you may be exhausted, even if you live together, his life will always be a mystery. Few Scorpio don’t test other people’s loyalty. Please be gentle and gentle. Don’t be too stupid to cry and don’t be cold to let him down. In any case, don’t be too irritating to him, and the uncontrollable Scorpio does everything. 

Sagittarius (11/22-12/21) 
taboos and clouds are foggy all day long. Taboo to get upset with unpleasant things. He hates to report his whereabouts every day, and he hates pressing nails. Taboo saying that his friend’s bad words will only make him feel cautious. A crying two troubles, three hanging on the shackles, probably only 妳 will die. 

Capricorn (12/22-1/19)
Remember that the bright colors are fresh and sweet, which is the most fearful of Capricorn. A brave woman will only attract his attention. He is even more afraid of the woman’s power status above him. He is very grinding, and many things happen too quickly and there is no good result. Things that are too fresh and too irritating must not be seen too often. A little romantic is good, but too romantic is unrealistic for him. 

Aquarius (1/20-2/18) 
can be clever and clever, pay attention to the mouth, and the big name may be 妳 (I have to learn to distinguish between iceberg beauty and big names). The one he hates most is the idiot. In any case, don’t treat your ignorance as cute. Water bottle men don’t like others. It’s best not to tell him that others are doing this. He is determined to be bossy. Don’t think that he will be responsible for the big belly, the words of responsibility will never appear on him, and he does not love the woman who relies on his heart. He hates to lose his rational noisy or crying, twice and twice, and more than three times to ensure that he does not care. 

Pisces (2/19-3/20) 
In any case, you have to investigate clearly when deciding whether or not to fall. Whether you are wrong or he is wrong, you don’t have to be reasonable. Too much reason will only make him lose interest in you and make good use of your eyes! He always has a romantic nourishment, no matter how unrealistic he is to him. Pisces men can easily be seduce, and you must decide if you want to break the wrist or to defend the cold kiln. When he is dreaming, don’t pour his cold water without knowing it.

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