received the personal tag from -akira-, to reveal some weird habits. somehow, i felt like being tricked into revealing my freakish side. it could still be fun !! 

  1. i’m often too interested in human, both psychically n mentally. 
    – yes, i still believe brain should be the tastiest part of human.

  2. i tend to pretend to be confident when i’m actually shaking in fear, n the only situation that betrays me is me staggering.
    – others actually told me this without me realizing.
  3. i’m very passive within a group of more than 2. therefore often interpreted as being withdrawn or proud. 
    – me n my confidence issue. how about getting to know me before you judge me ??
  4. i often unintentionally check others out, watching their every move n expressions, while guessing their thoughts. 
    – i’m not judging, but the signals humans left leaking through the air do amuse me.
  5. i’m quite obsessed with self-development ever since i was exposed to it, n keen to influence those around
    me in understanding life in a more in dept n interesting perspective. 
    – life is in fact interesting, instead of just daily routines.
  6. i’m rather demanding since i prefer things to be precise, “yes means yes, n no means no”. Consistency is what proves our stand. 
    – some call it too serious, some call it straight to the point. only those who really care is eager to show you their determination n support.

  7. i’m always in search for “true” friends – no hidden emotions or secrets. be each others’ “rant-absorber” if possible. 
    – friends who are close to your heart is the rarest of all. quality over quantity, definitely.

  8. i’m often thirst of information. let it be technical, politics or even personal lives, can never get enough of them. 
    – the difference in us is what makes communication interesting n worthwhile doing. n Bond is usually resulted from these ongoing efforts.

    am tagging .. -rollakid-, who ran out of topics to blog. 
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