What You Should Do During A Pandemic

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Since the end of December 2019, a new coronavirus has spread from the Chinese province of Hubei to several countries across the world. In contrast to an epidemic, which is a contagious disease that occurs locally, a pandemic is a worldwide epidemic, like in the case of this new coronavirus that causes the sickness. COVID-19.

During this time, everyone is suggested to take safety precautions by themselves. Taking care of your health and hygiene is very important during a pandemic. Follow the standard operational procedure that has been stated by the government.

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Here are some of the things that you can do in order to curb this disease and prevent it from spreading;

1.       Stay at home

This is the most important thing as staying at home means you will have minimum contact with strangers. Schools and offices have established open distance learning or online learning and working from home to reduce movement outside the house. Even if you are staying at home, make sure that you have the least contact with everyone else, especially at the grocery store. There are a lot of grocery stores that offer home delivery in KL that you can find and it helps a lot when you want to buy groceries. Stay 1 meter away from any strangers that you meet and even from your family members that just come back home.

2.       Always sanitize and wash your hands

Even if you have been staying at home for 2 months, there is still a possibility that the virus will infect you from the things you bought online. Maybe the courier riders or anyone has transferred the virus from their cough droplets to your boxes. Always be aware of it. If you go shopping or buy food at any restaurant, make sure to always wash your hands right after you have touched anything. You are recommended to always have hand sanitizer with you to make sure you can sanitize your hand every time and everywhere.

3.       Take care of your physical, mental and emotional well-being

Pandemic means staying at home under strict standard operational procedure (SOP) that you have to follow. Not being able to go out and meet your friends, do your favourite activities, or even see the outside world. There are some people who have stuck in their hostels for months and are not able to meet their family back in their hometown. That is really stressful for some people. If you know you have started to develop unusual feelings or feeling demotivated, talk to anyone you are comfortable with. Ask for help. It might help to lessen your burden a bit.

4.       Ask about your family’s well-being

Sometimes, staying at home and packed with numerous workloads can be very overwhelming especially for those who used to spend most of their time on site or outside of a building. The happiest person you know might be the one who needed help at this time. Call or send text messages to ask about their well-being. A small gesture like that would have helped someone to get through a rough day. 

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