Hiring An SEO Expert: A Necessity Or A Waste?

SEO expert

SEO experts have come a long way since the beginning. Today we are debating our need for their assistance in the growth of our business. Is an SEO expert a waste of money or is it going to be the best money you have ever spent? 

Normally a small business hardly has the money to indulge hundreds and thousands of dollars to grow business with the help of an SEO expert. They hardly have th budget to make space for the proper advisement of an SEO agency. On a shoestring budget, it only makes sense to focus all their energy on something like a pay-per-click campaign right? What people have forgotten to tell you about PPC campaigns is, even they need SEO. so even if you are pulling out your best visuals and the most amazing content marketing strategy and it has no search engine optimization, then you may be wasting a lot of your money and time as well. 

SEO expert

An SEO expert is someone who can guide us on all that we are doing wrong on the search engine. A good SEO expert has a keen understanding that not all search engines are created equally. What works for Google may not work on some other search engine. How about optimizing your content for the youtube search engine? The social media search engine is also a thing and your content needs to be easily discoverable with the help of SEO. 

When it comes to optimizing your website and content for the search engine, one of the first pieces of advice you would receive is to optimize the keywords. For example, if you are running a website that sells baked goods and you use keywords like “bread”, “delicious and fresh Bakes” or “homemade muffins”, you may not be generating the result you are hoping for. To the eye of an average business owner, these keywords look enticing and cool. They also fit well into the sales copy and landing page copy. But they do not do much to earn any cent for the business. All it may do is generate traffic to the business but not any profit. 

An SEO expert knows that visitors or traffic also does not equal the revenue you earn. They know it is about targeting the right potential customers, according to their demographic, psychographics, and preferences. Instead of using some generic keyword that says “best bread” an SEO expert will come up with an optimized keyword that will attract a buyer. For example “best bread Malaysia” or “best bread Selangor”. An individual who is looking to buy bread will most probably search for “buy bread Malaysia” rather than just google search for bread. 

A business owner doing his or her own SEO tactics may become restless with the slow results. But this is where an SEO expert can step in and guide you. Sure, good SEO can take a long time to produce any result but without a good SEO expert, you cannot practice good SEO strategies. They know how to optimize your entire strategy with both on-page and off-page optimization. While tuning in with keywords can be done on our own, we do not how to go about tweaking links, and obtaining backlinks to improve the ranking of the page. 

SEO expert

An SEO expert also knows about all of the techniques that are long dead and is no longer highly effective. When people say SEO is no longer effective it is because they failed to keep up with the changes that constantly happen in the search engine world. The volatility of the search engine rankings is increasing and the running factors also greatly differ from time to time. 

So if you were to hire a good SEO expert, they know exactly what to spend their money on, how much time it may take to deliver results on various platforms, and audit your current marketing strategy. This way not only you are saving money but you are also making up for the lack of capacity in your in-house marketing team. 

Outsourcing the work of SEO marketing to an SEO expert will lift the burden of working on this on your own and focus on bigger aspects of the business. SEO is only one part of your digital marketing strategy. There is a lot more to be done than just SEO. 

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