What Is Ethernet And What Are The Benefits?

Ethernet is a technology that is used to connect one computer to another computer in a Local Area Network (LAN) or Wired Area Network (WAN). This allows the devices to communicate with each other by establishing a set of network languages. This technology is used since the late 20th century. It is used to have an access to multiple computers and be able to transfer data to another computer. Even we have advanced wireless technology right now, there are some circumstances that it becomes useless. Therefore, the Ethernet is still in use until now. There are a few benefits that Ethernet has. Let’s go through it together.

  1. The speed

The Ethernet is still in use because the speed connection that it has is greater than the wireless connection. Using the Ethernet connection can achieve a speed up to 10Gbps to 100Gbps without a problem. A regular wireless connection can not reach the speed until that high. This is really beneficial for transferring data because it will make it easy and fast to transfer it no matter how big the size of the data is. Plus, the speed is stable because it using a cable that can not be disrupted by anything. Unlike the Wi-Fi connection, it using frequencies which are can easily be disrupted. 

  1. The security 

When comparing the Ethernet with the Wi-Fi, the Ethernet has better security. This is because we always have control over the Ethernet connection and we can optimize who can connect with the connection. It really helps to avoid the connection to get breached or attacked. If we look at the Wi-Fi, the security system is a bit poor than the Ethernet connection. This is because the Wi-Fi connection is open and it is exposed to get breached by hackers. This is pretty dangerous because they can get access to the information by using a Wi-Fi connection. If you are interested to get an Ethernet connection, you can go to the moxa switch component in Malaysia

  1. The efficiency

The business company nowadays will be handling a lot of confidential files or documents and they most likely are using virtual networks to get the job to be done. When handling a large number of files or documents, they will need a great connection so they can get the work to be done easily. With the Ethernet connection, they can use it for transferring files or documents in a short amount of time and it can be done easily without any problems. Other than that, the Ethernet will use a low amount of mount power and it is lower than the Wi-Fi. So, the Ethernet is power efficient and it is suitable to be used for a company. 

To conclude everything, these are the benefits of an Ethernet connection. It is proved that the Ethernet connection is really beneficial for a business company that is handling a large number of files or documents. If you want to purchase the Ethernet, you can go to the best moxa switch component in malaysia to discover moxa switch component in malaysia. 

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