Organic Fertilisers vs. Non-organic Fertilisers

Organic Fertilisers vs. Non-organic Fertilisers

Today, I will be talking about the organic and non-organic fertilisers that we can find anywhere in the market nowadays. Yeap, there are more and more fertilisers that have been marketise in the agriculture industry. It serves for different purposes too. Some fertilisers only for the green leaf plants, whereas there are some for flowers and fruits. However the variations does not just stop there, but also continued to an extent of organic and non-organic fertilisers. There are many manufacturers in the malaysia selling these kind of fertilisers so does the palm oil fertiliser manufacture malaysia can be found in the country.

First and foremost, the organic fertilisers consist of two types. The first type is the waste product from the farms such as the leftovers of the ingredients that are no longer consumable or scraped items that no longer in use. These two can be used as organic or homemade fertilisers. The con in this is that it will not supply sufficient nutrients to the trees. Another type is the manufactured organic fertiliser where the manufacturer used the proper ratio of nutrients into one bag of fertilisers. If you accidentally consume some of the fertilisers, you are at risk of damaging your liver.

As for agriculture e-commerce -organic fertilisers, the chemicals in the inorganic fertilisers have the ability to destroy the good nutrients and microorganisms in the soil. They need to have a proper software too handle their business. The rich nutrients and microorganisms are very useful for the plants to grow. It is also a source of beneficial natural nutrients that a plant needs. If the fertiliser has the ability to do so then imagine what it could do to the plant’s root? Definitely, it will burnout the roots eventually the plant will die. I bet nobody wants that no matter what, especially those who are invested in their plants.

Lastly, choose the fertiliser based on your plants and the nutrients that contains in the fertilisers. Some plants need certain nutrients in the large amount where the nutrients in the not able to provide them, hence whenever you notice the slightest difference in your plant then spill the fertilisers immediately in a proper way.

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